Gethsemane Baptist Church



Mark 8:14-21
Key Principle: Guard your Hearts!

1. Jesus commanded his followers to use caution, spoke a strong _______________________ and encouraged them to be aware of the enemies of God in Christ.

2. His warning specifically targeted the Pharisees and Herod who were ____________________ in their own righteousness and failed to grasp the significance of the Gospel.

3. The power of leaven exists in the ability of a very small amount to exert an enormous ______________________ on surrounding material.

4. Jesus warned the disciples about the ____________________ of intentional unbelief among the disciples in terms of both proximity and power.

5. Completely missing the point of the warning, the disciples began to ____________________ about who was responsible for forgetting food for the journey.

6. Jesus rebuked the disciples that their entire conversation was born out of a lack of _______________________.

7. The Master drew his followers to understand the futility of fretting over physical food in light of his recent _____________________ of provision.

8. Questions for reflection?
– Do you see the danger of the leaven of this world?
– Do you understand the temptation of get caught up in the needs of today and neglecting greater spiritual truths?
– Do you understand that the Bread of Heaven is the only food that gives life?

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